Nothing Compares 2 U.

So, Kevin Smith has been in the news quite a bit lately, and right before another one of his shitty looking movies is coming out. Marco Sparks and I were talking about Smith yesterday, and Marco was telling me his story about meeting him outside of a Starbucks a few years ago. Anyway, today at work I got bored and started looking up Kevin Smith interviews and miscellany, since I knew he had put out those Q&A DVDs a while back. And then I discovered his story about meeting and working on a documentary for Prince

Continue on to parts two and three and four of the fascinating tale. And here is Smith relating the Purple One‘s reaction to the story.

The Artist, as rendered by Brian Bolland.

But here is a few tidbits from the tale: Prince hates a potty mouth. And he’s tiny and his people sometimes buy him normal person clothes from Nordstrom. Every room in Paisley Park/Prince World is “wired for sound” so that he can record wherever he wants whenever he wants, which is also convenient for listening in on everyone. And when he dies, there’s going to be a tidal wave of things that will explode out of his vaults.