Videos killed the internet star.

Okay, I’ll admit that title makes no sense. Whatever. Some days you feel like being clever and coming up with good to decent to passable titles for your blog posts and some days the things on your mind CAN ONLY BE EXPRESSED IN ALL CAPS.

I’ll get back to you on what kind of day this is.

Anyway, some videos that I’ve come across in the past few days on the internet (yes, I’ll admit that these are all a few days old):

1. One of the new promos for Conan O’Brien’s upcoming show on TBS (debuting next month). This is just excellent stuff:

And it looks expensive-ish. Finally, with the addition of Conan, TBS’s tagline of “very funny” is actually becoming accurate.

2. The latest episode of Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis, this time interviewing Bruce Willis.

…which you can find here. I don’t dislike this little gimmick that appears online every now and then on Funny Or Die, but it’s kind of one note. That said, Willis’ episode feels especially great to me. Why? Just cause.

3. That dirty/hot/bizarre sex scene between Mary Louise Parker and Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zack Morris!) on Weeds recently. I don’t watch Weeds but I do love that several people emailed me a link to this. Thanks, fellow internet weirdos.

That’s just the preamble to it all. You can find it talked about here and actually see it here (at around the 23 minute mark).

3 1/2. I’m really starting to hate the name Zack in any and all of it’s forms. No offense, but if you’re going to go name your kid Zack, then fuck you. It’s not 1987 anymore.

from here.

3 3/4. People doing condom tricks on youtube. Yes.

4. The intro to The Simpsons, as story boarded recently by Banksy:

Bottom line: It was pretty great. And all over the internet already. Shockingly it happened on major network TV when similar issues can’t be addressed on the cover of major magazines. Also, probably the best thing to happen on The Simpsons in, what… ten years? Jesus. Why not Banksy story board an entire episode next.

5. For cross promotional reasons, Michael J. Fox recreates the Back To The Future teaser trailer for the Scream Awards on Spike. And also because it’s the 25th anniversary of the film:

Back To The Future nostalgia is definitely something I can get behind, but that Spike thing just seems so sad. I’m just amazed that it’s taken a quarter of a century for us to actually see some of the footage of Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly. I mean, shit, this isn’t news. We all knew that he was originally cast in the movie and did five weeks on it. Even Fringe referenced this. Of course, the footage scene in that clip floating around the internet is just meh, but the wowza really hit me, like a lot of people, when we saw that alternate fading away photograph:


“If you’ve got the inclination, I’ve got the crime…”

So, I usually like to chill out here at Counterforce with a song on Sundays, just to, if nothing else, kind of relax at the end of the long, crazy weekend. And today is no different, so…

A bit of a flashback, sure, but that’s one of my favorite songs and I’m sure it’s one of yours too: The Pet Shop Boy’s “Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots Of Money).” An oldie, but a goodie, I say. Sure, it’s a song inspired by Midnight Cowboy and an mocking ode to Thatcherism and an era of conscious consumption, but it’s also incredibly fucking catchy too. Anyway, I was joking around with a friend the other night and we were trying to think up songs that would make good anthems for “internet people.” I suggested the Cardigan’s “In The Round” as the perfect song for the bloggers of the world (unite!), and she suggested this Pet Shop Boys classic for all the sad young internet moguls out there. I think she won.

This calls for a montage, #42: Dating sucks.

Dating is hard and love… well, it sucks. It’s hard to meet people, or, at least someone who really gets you. Most people are either of your league, or they’re boring as shit. Or they have questionable taste in things. And if you’re dating someone now and you think you’re happy, then you’re probably wrong, and you’ll be single again within a year. Same thing for marriages. Sorry, folks. That’s just straight up statistics talking. Buutttt, here in 2010, “The Year We Make Contact,” it’s easier to date than it was in previous decades, right? For example…

…A montage of dating videos from the 1980s. High-larious stuff, that. The sad part? Dating and the people who want to date you haven’t really changed all that much, have they? Everyone still wants to have “fun.” And I know what you’re thinking about that video, you’re thinking: “My god, look at that fashion!” But you’re only half right. Look at those fucking haircuts. Seriously. But then again, look at the hipsters in the dating pool now. It’s all relative, I guess.