Heaven can wait.

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And on Hilter’s birthday, the Hitler Downfall meme will now disappear from youtube because of copyright claims. Fitting?

Soldiers helping to build schools in Afghanistan.

Survey: 80% of librarians have had sex in an elevator.

Speaking of which, George Washington owes $300,000 in late fees to the NYC library system.

Obama clashes with gay rights hecklers.

Christina Hendricks in Esquire.

An interview with The Office‘s Ellie Kemper.

Remember her from this video? “I give the best blow jobs!”

Take a ride on Dr. Smith’s flying machine from 1896.

Time traveler caught in historic museum photo.

The next Bond movie on “indefinite hold

Pictures from the music video for “Heaven Can Wait,” the first single from Charlotte Gainsbourg’s new album, IRM. The video is directed by the collective Keith Schofield. I like it because of it’s simple “weird imagery,” which feels almost like a visual throwback to the 90s style of music video’s “weird imagery.” You can find the video here and here.

Also, the name “Keith Schofield” is really just a combination of the names of the members of the directing collective, Keith Haverbrooks, Eric Schoman, and Jeff Mayfield.

I should also point out that all the songs on Gainsbourg’s new album are written by Beck, who also produces. Also, Beck really looks creepy, and appears to be entering a “looks like a terrifying old man with an option to possibly look like a child molester” face of his life and career.

Characters from Charles Burns’ Black Hole brought to life.

Terrorism studies and game theory.

Wired interviews Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse about the creation of Lost.