Somewhere over the double rainbow…

Sometimes, when confronted by an amazing celestial event, you just have to laugh and cry and scream up at the sky, “WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?”

And, rather than waiting for an answer, you should probably capture it all on video and upload it to youtube:

One of the first rules someone ever imparted onto me, re: blogging, was one of the most honest and true: Don’t start blogging a bunch of shit that everyone else in the world is going to be posting cause the question then becomes… Seriously, who gives a shit?

I’m only adding this bit of web craziness and the new internet superstar, Paul “Yosemite Bear” Vasquez (who was sober… this time, the internet is proud to tell me) because it’s so ridiculous. And wonderful. And if I was the one filming this, I’d probably have all the same reactions. The “whoa”s and the “Oh my God”s and certainly the “WHAT DOES IT MEAN”s, yeah, that’d all be me. This guy deserves some kind of fucking award for… something.

An exception to the rule stated above: If you’re going to blog about something that everyone else is blogging about, then why not blog about two things that every other asshole is going to blog about? I say that because I’m also mentioning the double rainbow because I just watched the video again, but this time utilizing the audio from the newly leaked Panda Bear single, “Tomboy.” Play them together and when you do, much like “dark side of the rainbow,” this time Hurley and Vincent will appear in Jacob’s cabin under the double rainbow and they’ll give you an alternate explanation for what the numbers on Lost were.

Prepare yourself for the inevitable remix version utilizing Vasquez’  wistful and awkward rant over a nice beat. Either him, or the latest Mel Gibson rant, much like the previous remixes featuring Christian Bale and Alec Baldwin. I can’t wait. Though I’m still wondering what it all means. And while I’m waiting for the universe to reveal it’s secrets to me, I’m just going to look at pictures of Shakira playing with lion cubs. Fuck everything else.

–Edited by Commander Light to add (I will absolutely beat this joke into the ground for all its worth):

How am I not myself?

I’ve been tired lately and just not feeling like myself. Not that I have any idea who this “myself” person really is. But lately, I feel like I’ve been even farther from answering that question. Perhaps it’s the fatigue.

Fatigue always leaves you feeling one of two things: Perpetual annoyance or perpetual confusion, right? Sometimes a mixture of the two, sure.

There’s yet another new Atlas Sound song out there, and I kind of like it. But not as much as the first one that leaked from the forthcoming new album, “Walkabout.” And a new video for a song from Giant Drag’s new EP, Swan Song.

Man, I just want to go lay in bed and watch I Heart Huckabees again.

I may just go do that.

from here.

Speaking of bed, I woke up to the news of Ted Kennedy’s death this morning.

I’m just chuckling to myself about the joke from The Game: “Does Ethel Kennedy have a black dress?” Or the one from Seinfeld about how Chappaquiddick could be blamed on bad directions.

Oh well, a shame. There were certain issues where you could tell, I think, that Kennedy did really care about doing what was right. Sure, he wanted to be President, but that’s the sin of every potentially great politician, right? Anyway, I’ll let others talk about him. And I guess I’ll stick to telling you how cool Sean Connery is, if you don’t already know that somehow.

Maybe I should go hire some existential detectives to find me and myself and my… whatever. You know?

Thank God I have the internet to get me through the sleepy days. Peace be with you. And have a safe drive home.