The Queen Of All Sciences.

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“The Internet” is “in the running” to win a Nobel Peace Prize. There’s a billion jokes there, I’m sure. But when it comes time to accept the award, for the sake of our Republican friends in the audience, I hope that it’s Al Gore who does it.

Norway Doomsday seed vault hits 1/2 million mark.

New Zealand woman sells two souls to the highest bidder.

Speaking of those Swedish bastards, Obama gave away the $1.4 million that came with his Nobel prize.

Blacklisted words from crossword compiler, from Harper’s, and from here.

by Norman Saunders, from here.

Jihad Jane!

Acrobatic thieves hit New Jersey Best Buy avoiding cameras, motion sensors, and alarms in a daring heist.

The world’s richest man: “Shady Mexican dude named Slim.”

Does the Devil need to be excorcised from the Vatican?

An interview with The Exploding Girl‘s Zoe Kazan.

by Jesse Lenz, from here and here.

“Art is the Queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world.”

-Leonardo Da Vinci

French bread spiked with LSD in CIA experiment. Nice.

Australian archaeologists uncover 40,000 year old site.

First real trailer for David (The Wire) Simon’s upcoming show, Treme.

Christopher Nolan on Inception, Batman 3, and his Superman plans.

And, from the publisher of Pride And Prejudice And Zombies, comes…

Night Of The Living Trekkies.

No joke.

The undead at a Star Trek convetion.

Zombie Star Trek pictures from here.

Marion Cotillard’s Forehead Tittaes.

Breast milk, but not breast feeding.

Lesbian teen sues to force school to hold prom.

Orange dwarf star set to smash into the solar system.

Two technologies that are about to completely change electricity.

by James Jean, from here.

“All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.”

Federico Fellini, from The Atlantic, December of 1965.

by Boris Vallejo.

The City On The Edge Of Forever.

Phoenix is the sweatiest city in America.

Stranger In Moscow.”

Sydney and the light rail.

Augmented reality in London.

The ghost in the field, and RFID chips.

What will happen when London is flooded?

Berlin” in Paris.

Interracial couple denied marriage license in Louisiana.

Soft robots and DARPA.

Moscow’s mayor promises a winter without snow.

Paris Syndrome and Jerusalem Syndrome.

San Francisco and the 1906 earthquake.

Rebuilding New Orleans.

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City Of Blinding Lights.”

A possible glimpse at our future space cities.

America’s most expensive cities and most impoverished cities.

FOX promises to air all 13 of the already ordered Dollhouse season two episodes.

Speaking of which, Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard’s The Cabin In The Woods being held back a year to be switched over to 3D.

Magnetricity” observed for the first time.

A map of your future mega-cities and megaopolises.

“When the lights go down in the city…”

Sensing the immaterial-material city.

Cities underground and cities tsunami-resistant.

City Of Shadows.

The ruins of Chernobyl, over 20 years later.

Cities In Dust.”

GTA IV: Inherent Vice City.

Silver City” and “Sad, Sad City.”

Why all cities are haunted.

The mind of a city (and how our brains are similar).

The cityscapes of Fran├žois Schuiten.

Chronic City by Jonathan Lethem.

The city is a battlesuit for surviving the future.

Phantom City: See the city that could’ve been.

“…when we reach the city.”

“I have come to wound the autumnal city.”

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”

“I’ll take the coral reefs as my metaphor. Though hardly so beautiful. If the essence of life is information carried in DNA, then society and civilization are just colossal memory systems and a metropolis like this one, simply a sprawling external memory….”

-a quote from Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence, a movie that I was watching the other day and just first stirred the pot on several thoughts I had locked up. Thoughts about human beings and boxes we live in.

Warren Ellis had created a comic book character years ago called Jack Hawksmoor, the “king of cities.” Jack was a normal human who had been abducted by city-empathic aliens from the future and repeatedly operated on and “upgraded” to have city-specific powers for use with fighting some unknown future threat that was coming.

Jack Hawksmoor, the King Of Cities.

Hawksmoor, who’s name was inspired by both Spring Heeled Jack and Nicholas Hawksmoor, couldn’t survive for very long outside of an urban environment, but when he was in any city, he had powers specific to that city, including things like superhuman strength and agility, but also psychometry and the ability to control and alter architecture and infrastructure. I don’t think the character was ever utlized by successive writers to his full potential, but I do remember in one story where Hawksmoor had to fight a powerful villain, he made sure that the fight took place in Mexico City, the larged city in the world, to maximize his abilities.

Quarantined in utopia.

“There’s no one to know. There’s nothing to do. The city’s been down since you’ve been gone.”

Climate change and warfare.

Black And White Town.”

Scientists create “sexual tsunami.”

12 sexist vintage ads.

What’s left of the Roman city of Dougga.

Futurism vs. Science Fiction.

Futuristic steampunk urban recycling.

The little town that Los Angeles killed.

Speaking of which: Future Los Angeles.

Future Chicago.

Future New York.

The saddest blow job story ever.

History Of A Boring Town.”

Russell Brand not capable of monogamy.

10 most amazing ghost towns, including Prypiat.

Everything In It’s Right Place.”

Scientists develop “brain to brain communication.”

As time progresses, the future will literally devour the past: WW2-era statue with added cell tower.

Last Stop: This Town.”