Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

So, a very, very, very long time ago, there was this massive explosion. It’s just a cosmological theory, but it’s also been accepted as fact. Our universe was so incredibly hot and dense for a finite time, and it just exploded and expanded and it was bigger than anything ever, because it is everything and it’s always expanding and cooling…

…and it happened. How do we know? Because you’re sitting there, right there, right now, in your comfy chair, or on your couch, or perhaps laying in bed, or wherever or however you read your friendly neighborhood Counterforce. Well, or so we think. It sounds nice. Exploding into being, from essence to existence by way of KA-BOOM! That sounds good, right? But this thing, which we can call “Event One,” it happened, and because of it, the universe as we know it was created.

And then something happened. A serious of events that lead to the total and utter collapse of the universe and all reality. Well, they didn’t just collapse, but they began a severe process of collapsing. But the universe is big and vast and this took a little bit of time. How long? Well, roughly 2,000 years in theoretical time, but in subjective time, about 45 minutes or so.

And all of that happened, and then happened again in tonight’s season finale of Doctor Who’s fifth series, “The Big Bang.” Following last week’s ridiculously intense episode, the universe collapsed, or rather, began the process of collapsing until there was a second big bang, and everything was re-created again.

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The oldest words in the universe…

…are these:

Last week on Doctor Who we got James Corden and low fi crazy roommate drama and this week, but this week as “The Pandorica Opens,” we got possibly one of the biggest, craziest episodes of the show ever.

Somehow the stakes are even higher than they were in “The Stolen Earth” and “Journey’s End” and all the teases from this past season and from across time and space start to coalesce into something, like a puzzle assembling itself. Much like the Pandorica itself, a nasty puzzle box that was dreamt up in the mind of a little girl and can unlock itself from the inside…

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“You have no idea how dangerous you make people to themselves when you’re around.”

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Paradoxes will follow a cute redhead anywhere, anywhen.

No turning back, no way out, and nowhere else to go…

And that’s where we were left with last week’s episode of Doctor Who as the Doctor, Amy, River Song, and Father Octavian and his clerics were surrounded by the advancing Weeping Angels. The cliffhanger was deadly and our characters were down so low that they had only one way left to go… Up.

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Strange cases.

Well, I’d hate to reblog io9 twice in the same week, but they were right about this one, the below video is one of the best openings to a TV show ever…

…that’s the five five minutes of Jekyll, Steven Moffat’s reimagining and modern update of Charles Dickens’s Jekyll and Hyde story, starring James Nesbitt, Gina Bellman,  Denis (“Wedge” from Star Wars) Lawson, Paterson Joseph, and the absolutely lovely Michelle Ryan, who you may remember from the brief Bionic Woman update that NBC attempted.

Also, I don’t really feel all that bad since I posted that same video on my tumblr back in December of 2008, but that doesn’t really matter. Though when I did, I mentioned Moffat’s then upcoming and long dreamed off taking over of Doctor Who and that he was sought out by Spielberg to write the first entry of his and Peter Jackson’s Rin Tin Tin series (which Moffat had to leave after the first film to do Doctor Who). Now that his run on Doctor Who is current, a wonderful reality, but he also has another show happening later this year, an update of the Sherlock Holmes mythos with Mark Gattis.

Obviously, the above scene starts the story in media res, but here’s what I said almost two years ago: Moffat is completely unafraid to start you right in the middle of the action. He has no problem not only demanding that you pay attention and be smart enough to follow his storytelling but has the confidence to know that it’ll find you, wherever you are, and hook you. That’s only gotten more true since.

“What if our dreams no longer needed us?”

Okay then! Having survived the return of those silly Daleks, it’s another week, and a brain new episode of Doctor Who, this being “The Time Of Angels,” part one of a two parter…

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