The internet is a unique and creepy and incredibly special place.

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Wonder Woman by Hellen Jo, from here.

from here.

from here.

from here.

I’m really fascinated by images of Christopher Nolan on the set of The Dark Knight Rises – see below  – which comes out so fucking soon now.


One of movies that I enjoy that is fairly obscure to your average film goer is Michael Haneke’s Caché from 2005. On the most basic level the movie could be viewed as a horror film when a well to do family in Paris has their quiet life turned upside down when someone starts sending them surveillance videos of themselves and their lives. They don’t know who’s sending them or how they’re capturing the footage of them. Just from that alone the movie makes a really chillingly effective psychological thriller, but it’s more artsy, and has a compellingly confusing final shot that makes you question just about everything you had just seen in the film that preceded it…

Anyway, the reason I bring it up is because a large part of the film is just long shots of people interacting and moving through their existence, just being. An unedited existence observed in a slightly ghostly fashion.

And that reminded me of this:

Just footage from what I presume was streaming video to some kind of function involving The Amazing Spider-Man, since Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are together. Obviously you know that the two actors are dating if you read any gossip columns or frequent any of those websites that post pictures of celebrities wearing tacky clothes as they stroll out of their homes to buy groceries, but it’s so odd to see them just hanging out somewhere and talking to people. People watching can be a fun time waster when you’re there, when you’re in the place or in the moment, but to just kind of hover over folks, it’s extra creepy.

But maybe I’m just reading too much into it?

Perhaps, but just watch a few minutes of this video and tell me you see it differently now. The glitch producing the echo in the audio doesn’t help any and I have to say, I felt a slight tingle when the actors stop and looked right at the camera. Suddenly… They could see me!

from here.

by Farel Dalrymple.

from here.

from here, and…

from here.

And before I go, until next time, I’ll leave you with a song I like…


The Goddamn Batman.

from here.

From the internet:

RIP Leslie Nielsen.

RIP Irvin Kershner.

Your 2010 holiday gift shopping sorted.

Here’s something you clearly (don’t) need: pocket chainsaw.

The top 5 most shocking things about WikiLeaks.

Vladimir Putin is Batman and Dmitry Medvedev is Robin.”

Celebrities quitting twitter for charity.

from here.

This Spider-Man musical sounds like just the kind of crazy train wreck that you want it to be.

Here’s what Christopher Nolan thinks of your Inception fan theories.

Natalie Portman, Halle Berry, and Tom Hanks to star in the Wachowskis’ version of David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas?

Actor decapitates own mother in Masonic attack inspired by The Matrix.

The bad sex in fiction awards!

Fox Nation reprints anti-Obama article from The Onion, doesn’t mention (or possibly realize) that it’s a joke.

Music by David Lynch.

Previously on Counterforce.

An interview with Jorge Luis Borges.

from here.

This is just weird: Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal.

From 1993: The future of the internet!

David Foster, from 1998: “I’m not a journalist and I don’t pretend to be one.”

from here.

Klaxons “Twin Flames.”

The little white lies of online dating revealed.

Is this the year that we make contact? Maybe.

Doctor Doom vs. Doctor Who.

Are we about to be inundated with a wave of movie versions of the works of Haruki Murakami?

Batman and Robin investigate “The Carbon Copy Crimes.”

from here.

D. J. Caruso on why he quit the Y The Last Man movie. Wants to make it a TV show instead, huh? Someone owes me a check. You fuckers.

Suck on this: Animated Southland Tales prequel.

How does Commissioner Gordon really feel about Batman?

Do women avoid talking to their fathers because of evolution?

Edgar Allan Bro.

Hercule Poirot kitties. LOL.

from here.

Shocking link between people who like Batman and people who like pornography.

How to survive a mass extinction.

A Spanish woman claims that she owns the Sun and you can bet your ass she wants you to pay her for its usage.

from here.

Three lives/Distortions.

The topic of privacy and what you do and don’t write on your blog–both your personal blog and a workplace blog–interests me as a question of privacy, but also of voice, of how bloggers present themselves. After all, blogs are personas. We emphasize particular aspects of ourselves, allow things we want to share to be revealed, and try to obscure those we consider private, want to hide, or are not aware of.”

Susan Mernit.

from here.

“I know this sounds opaque, but I heard British novelist M John Harrison yesterday describing how the construction of identity is changing because “culture,” the factors that acculturate people, have been smeared all over the planet by the Internet. And he sees this is as a challenge for novelists because literature is a description of how people are; it’s about structures of meaning and feeling. And the structure of literary language needs to respond to, or even *lead,* new structures of meaning and feeling.”

Bruce Sterling, speaking at this year’s SXSWi.

“It’s nice to meet you, Ben.”

Young Ben Linus = Evil Harry Potter!

Speaking of evil…

It’s Cthulhu Cthursday!

Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoons.

Lex Luthor would like a little of that bailout cash, please (starring Jon Hamm).

Comic Book Legends Revealed!

Grant Morrison, fresh off Final Crisis, discusses the new Batman and Robin and his upcoming series about them, Batman & Robin. Depending on who you talk to, the identity of these two new heroes is either a matter of heavy speculation or total foregone conclusions. The new Robin is obviously Damien, the just recently discovered son of Bruce Wayne (whose mother is the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul), but who is the new Batman going to be? There’s been quite a bit of foreshadowing that would seem to indicate that it’s the first Robin, Dick Grayson AKA Nightwing, but a recent theory and interesting bit of speculation (that came with a fantastic set of annotations for Batman RIP, almost rivaling Tim Callahan’s) I read has me wondering if and kind of hoping it will be Tim Drake, the latest/current Robin.

“Everyone has three lives: a public life, a private life, and a secret life.”

Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Reconstructing Atticus Finch.

The Mark Twain guide to better blogging.

What is reality? Who are we?

And some mad linkage stolen from the geniuses at Mercenary Writers:

Winner of the “worst postmodern article title” award.

Ten literary one hit wonders.

Ten spectacular second novels.

Ten cursed second novels.

The National “Secret Meeting” (mp3)

High Places “From Stardust To Sentience” (mp3)

Clinic “Distortions” (mp3)

Rogue Wave “Eyes” (Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover)(mp3)

“Some complain that e-mail is impersonal — that your contact with me, during the e-mail phase of our relationship, was mediated by wires and screens and cables. Some would say that’s not as good as conversing face-to-face. And yet our seeing of things is always mediated by corneas, retinas, optic nerves, and some neural machinery that takes the information from the optic nerve and propagates it into our minds. So, is looking at words on a screen so very much inferior? I think not; at least then you are conscious of the distortions. Whereas, when you see someone with your eyes, you forget about the distortions and imagine you are experiencing them purely and immediately.”

-Neal Stephenson, from Cryptonomicon.

We’ll see you tomorrow, unless of course Cthulhu gets us first and reality gets all distorted. Or something.

I want to be evil.

I was planning on saying something about some of the very talented people who’ve died this year, but I think that one that I’m the most upset about right now is Eartha Kitt.

The woman, whom Orson Welles called “the most exciting woman in the world,” died on Christmas day, losing a long fight with colon cancer at 81 years old. It’s painfully ironic that that was the day she died since one of the many things she was known for was her 1953 song, “Santa Baby,” a song that’s probably been covered a million times since then. It’s the exact opposite of a present.

If you don’t recognize her almost feline from the role of Catwoman on the 1960s Batman show, a role she took over from Julie Newmar. Now, I should say that to me, Julie Newmar was Catwoman in that show, that she was just perfect and so incredibly sexy in that role, and to me, she’ll just always be Catwoman in my head to a certain degree because she was my first notion of that role realized (kind of like how the first James Bond or Doctor Who or Star Trek incarnation you encounter is the one you feel belongs to you), but I can’t stress nearly enough that Eartha Kitt was equally perfect in the role. She was the perfect embodiment of strong without losing a kind of feminine softness and purringly seductive and as you were watching her, despite the horriblly camp writing, you were equally terrified and kind of secretly hoping to get her claws in you.

And mind you, that was the 60s to, which doesn’t seem that long ago today, but when you think about how horrible the state of civil rights was back then, it feels like it was hundred of years ago. And there was an incredibly talented woman, a product of mixed race rape by the son of an owner of a southern plantation, rising up to a role of serious prominence in a major television franchise. And what I loved about her taking over that role was that no one stopped to say, “Hey, isn’t there something a little different about Catwoman all of a sudden?” No, because once Earth Kitt pounced onto the set in her sexy black catsuit and domino mask, she owned the place.

I was mesmerized to a certain degree from the first time I saw and heard Eartha Kitt sing, which was, of course, her song “I Want To Be Evil,” but in my life I’ve been lucky enough to know three different women who’s not only sung the song for me, but acted it out. And if you know the song (and if you don’t, you will in a moment), it’s a song that really has to be performed. Seeing this performed by Miss Kitt as a kid was amazing, just to see a woman in such command of music and performance with a song that was sweet and innocent and tough and naive and knowledgeable and self deprecating and beautiful all at once. Long story short, it changed my life, and it’s incredibly sad to know that the person responsible for it is no longer on the planet with us.