Lollipop Gomez

Lollipop Gomez is a woman of delicious taste and none of those include Tucker Max. She was born on an island in the Caribbean, was raised shuffling between the stacks of a library and a New York City subway train, and currently resides in a city where you can do anything you want to do except consume food after 12 am or use plastic bags.

In another life, she is a freelance writer, television blogger, and Internet anthropologist.

7 Questions

A weekly interview series where we talk to some of the most fascinating people on the Internet. Every interview starts asking you how tall you are and ends with a brief history of your life online. The rest is magic, baby.

Peanut St. Cosmo

The ladies of Counterforce have a meeting at the Bellagio.

Tess Lynch

In the inaugural edition, we ask This Recording’s Tess Lynch a few questions about one of her favorite topics: food!

Solo Songs

If You Got Hips, Shake Them

And if you got fears forsake them; Giuliani’s got his rules but we ain’t no fools, let’s break them

Foods Filled With Shame

What to eat when you hate yourself or you secretly want others to hate you.

Hail To The Chief

Lollipop drinks two gallons of espresso and gets really excited about Barack Obama.

Sensual Seduction Guides 1 & 2

Because those who can’t do, write blog posts about it.

You’re Standing On My Neck

An ode to TV theme songs, inspired by a marathon viewing of Top Chef

Sunday Funday

A tour of Lollipop’s Google Reader. And no, not in a sexual way.

Just Like Heaven

A trip to London museums written by someone who knows virtually nothing about art

You & I Are Going To Live Forever

How to cure jetlag through music.

Counterforce After Dark: Make Love, Not Debate Jokes

A french version of Lollipop’s slow jam video digest.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me

The US economy handles their money just like LG: completely ineptly.

Counterforce After Dark: Trail of Tears

Lollipop will do anything to get you back, baby.

Counterforce of Dark

Lollipop pops our cherries with Counterforce After Dark, a slow jam video digest.

5 Minutes on Craigslist

A look into what’s happening on the site that can bring you anything you want, provided you don’t get flagged.

Chicks Today

4 months later, Lollipop is still pissed about how shitty the Sex and The City movie was.

I Choose My Choice!

Lollipop wants you to know what would happen if you didn’t pull out in time.

An Ode To R.Kelly (Down Low, Nobody Has To Know)

Lollipop pens her first Counterforce post the only way she knows how: with class, dignity and feelin’ on yo booty.

Duets With Marco Sparks

Will You Be My Girlfriend For 5 Minutes?

We detail exactly what’s wrong and what’s right with Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

Best of 2008 Music Parts One & Two

Sure, you can relieve the musical releases of 2008 on countless other sites, but none will be as sexy or exciting as this one.

Can’t Imagine The World Without Me

Two nerds have warm beer in an English pub, get drunk and fight. You know, in a joint blog post kind of way.

Don’t Be Fooled By The Rocks That We Got

They’re still Marco and Lollipop from the block.

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