Benjamin Light

Benjamin Light is an unemployed Information Technologist from the Pacific Northwest. When not reading speculative fiction or gambling, he enjoys yelling at the faces on CNN or taking time out to sit in coffee shops and brood. He has started, but not completed, four different American novels and one eastern-European Guide Book, owns a sizable collection of worthless stamps from around the world and can most likely beat you at arm-wrestling. Benjamin was once said to have glared without interrupt for over a year, but his face didn’t get stuck that way. He hates puppies and children, and loves redheads who want it bad.

Benjamin co-created the Counterforce web log in July of 2008 as a way of boosting his own ego and quietly bragging to others of the fact that he actually read all of Gravity’s Rainbow. This site is–We are, theoretically, committed to the constant opposition and deconstruction of Them and all Their diverse guile-some works. As Mr. Pynchon says, “if the Counterforce knew better what those categories concealed, they might be in a better position to disarm, de-penis and dismantle the Man.” Mostly this means a lot of cultural self-loathing, lusting after feministas and taking pot-shots at celebrities and republicans. You may find an archive of Benji’s Counterforce articles here. The following is almost surely not a picture of Mr. Light.

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