One more week…

…until the election, and I’m excited. I’m mildly curious what, if anything, the hurricane will in the way of an effect on the outcome, and even more curious to what degrees the media will speculate on the hurricane’s outcome on the election and the electorate. Either way, if you’re in the path of the storm, take care of yourself.

Shameless self promotion time: I wrote a thing for Thought Catalog called Why No One Wants To Fuck Mitt Romney,” my homage to J. G. Ballard, and they were nice enough to publish it.

It was written just after the second presidential debate and if I had to write it over again, just a few weeks later, I would change it completely, I think, and probably still say a lot of the same things. Give it a look, if you like.

That said, saw a great video last night, with Joss Whedon weighing in on this election and its outcome:

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