While my torrent gently downloads

If I blog more often, this site dies faster. Like a satellite decayed from orbit, spinning faster and faster, ever closer to the earth. A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.

In the previous post, Marco linked to an article that put forth the notion that most writing about the web is a result of a “Why Wasn’t I Consulted” attitude. I’ll not link to it here cuz I’m lazy, just keep scrolling down, you’ll get there. The article struck a chord with me, and why I’ve been resistant to writing much these past two years. There seems to be an expectation in the this modern world that everyone must have an opinion on everything. But I want my opinions to matter. I don’t want to be just another asshole who has a special take on the Community finale.

Do I think my opinion is more important and meaningful than yours? Yes, I do. Sorry. But how do I live up to that? What happens when I have nothing to say. Before the start of the season, Marco and I talked about doing a weekly recap post about Mad Men. But as the season premier drew nearer, I realized that the internet was filthy with Mad Men blogs, and I didn’t really have anything of value to add to the conversation, so perhaps it would be better to just enjoy the show, rather than feel I needed to come up with something profound to say about it. I’ll save my powder for something worthwhile. Or at least until I’m drunk.

This is why I stopped writing about all the things I could be writing about. I don’t want to have an opinion on everything. Like Sherlock, my brain has only so much room in it, and I fill it only with the things I feel are important. But more than that, our opinions and our interests are a reflection of who we are, perhaps the only true form of expression in our shared media culture. When I never watch reality TV, never join in a conversation about which American Idol contestant got screwed, never offer my breakdown of a Kardashian marriage, this is my silent protest against culture I do not consider worthy of, well, anything. If we all start ignoring it, maybe it will just go away.

My mother was recently going on about British Royalty and their wedding and all that. I told her, “It’s just for show, they’re a big tourism draw. They make it back 10 times over.” And then my mother started talking about Pippa, and how she didn’t really look that attractive, and I smiled and reminded her that what she is doing right now, this talking, this is why the British Royals still exist.

I’m not saying I only want to talk about good things. Some people, like Peter Berg, are so worthy of scorn that I’ll weigh in anyway, and besides, I think everyone already knows that the Kardashians and their ilk are just trash to keep the proles entertained. But some people actually go through life thinking shitty ideas because they’re acceptable among the internetterati, and I would like to offer my opposition to those ideas where and when I can. You’re not alone out there; I think Judd Apatow is a hack too.

Anyway, if there is one thought I could leave you with here today, it’s this: seed motherfuckers, I’m still only at 35.4% on Game of Thrones S02e08!

2 responses to “While my torrent gently downloads

  1. I love that The Avengers were still able to crush evil over yet another weekend, this time that heinous evil taking the form of Battleship. Good job, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

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