“Shenangians” is a beautiful word.

Last time it was a spooky castle and Frankenstein motifs and doppelgangers going to war with their human originals, but this week on Doctor Who, the war comes to end, in which “The Rebel Flesh” become “The Almost People” and we’re left hanging from quite the narrative cliff…

And all that said, I think we’ll keep it brief this week with

9 thoughts on tonight’s episode of Doctor Who…

1. Interesting cliffhanger/twist. So the real Amy either got switched out after the bit with the orphanage in “The Day Of The Moon,” or most likely somewhere in that three month break between “The Impossible Astronaut” and “The Day Of Moon,” yeah? And the Doctor and Rory have been off having adventures and journeys with her ganger duplicate but now they realize that she’s out there somewhere and they’re going after her! Exciting.

from here.

2. Farscape actually did almost this exact same twist in an episode towards the end of its run called called “Bringing Home The Beacon,” though it’s actually played out much nicer, much niftier here. Of course.

3. The problem with having such a nifty cliffhanger at the end of this episode is that it make of nullifies any value the rest of the episode might have, you know? I wasn’t particularly enamored with much of the second part of this story… Something about it just didn’t click with me. “Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow!” It was nice seeing the little callbacks to previous Doctors, be it with quotes or the use of the voices of Tom Baker and David Tennant (and the sublte mention that we’ve moved on from the Tenth Doctor).

The switcheroo with the Doctor and his ganger could be seen coming from a mile away, as did the Scottish guy’s ganger eventually having to replace him as the father of his son. It’s Doctor who, so there had to be a monster at the end, so of course the girl morphed into one, similarly to the “The Lazarus Effect” from season 3, I felt.

4. I don’t know, just felt odd that I liked the conceit behind the episode, and where it fit into this season so far, more than the episode itself. We finally get a reasoning behind Amy’s Schrodinger’s Pregnancy: Her ganger can’t quite handle that noise.

And we discover how the Doctor knows a little more about what’s going on with the Gangers, especially at this stage, when they’re still “primitive technology.”

Of course there’s still some questions about the “time memory” of Amy’s ganger remembering the sinister eyepatched midwife, Madame Kovarian, and the fact that there appears to be two sonic screwdrivers there at the end (the ganger Doctor dissolves himself and the other gangers with one and the real Doctor dissolves ganger Amy with one). Which Doctor was it that Amy confessed to about having seen him die? And there’s also the question of: Will the ganger Doctor return, possibly to get killed by the astronaut on the beach?

from here.

Questions aside, the purpose of the episode felt good, felt interesting and special – it’s the beginning of rescuing Amy Pond! – even if the story in this episode itself wasn’t that spectacular. Does that make sense?

5. This:

And this:

And also this:

Gross, right? Genetic horror! I feel like there were some interesting aspects to this episode that should have lead to it being a lot more fun than it actually was.

6. “I’ll break out the big guns.”

Interesting stuff for Rory though. He’s taken an ideological stand, and had a bit of a connection with the Ganger Jennifer, making him all that much easier for her to use. Twice in this episode he kind of turns on or abandons his wife (or, her doppelganger), and I wonder if this is the rumored evilness we were going to see from him this season?

7. This is the special online prequel for next week’s mid-season finale:

Sentient money!

8. Just a reminder, this is what David Tennant’s up to now:

And I believe I just read tonight that Matt Smith has indeed announced his confirmation for Series 7. I’ve been reading a lot of stuff lately about how So and So can be your Doctor, and that everyone that came after them was just someone playing the role of the Doctor. I guess that David Tennant is still my Doctor, but I feel like I’m definitely at a place where I’m happy seeing Matt Smith continue on in this role. In fact, the only thing that hurts his portrayal of the character, quite frankly, is the quality of the scripts that he gets.

9. I’m excited about next week, though I am, of course, upset that it’ll be the last episode for a few months. But next week’s episode certainly does feel epic with the return of the Cybermen and the Sontarans and the Silurians and who knows what else. Like Madame Kovarian and Dorium Maldova, returning from “The Pandorica Opens,” as we saw in that prequel episode up above. And like those guys who look like monks but have laser swords! Who or what are they?

I love the crossover mash ups that Moffat works into his finales and I’ve said it before, but he really plots his series like the best comic book writers handle theirs. It makes even a filler two parter like the one we saw concluded tonight (unless you rely on BBC America for your Doctor Who fix, because I guess they’re holding onto “The Almost People” until next week?) seem epic and important and very necessary.

We know that next week that “A Good Man Goes To War,” meaning the Doctor, one presumes, but it’s important to consider the other titles that weren’t used for the episode: “Demons Run” and “His Darkest Hour.” The second of those two being important if you remember River Song’s monologue from the trailer for this season, in which she warned that the Doctor’s greatest triumph would also be his darkest hour and from that he would fall so hard…

Next week: Demons Run and the hunt for Amy Pond and her baby and the return of old friends and enemies, and new enemies, and maybe, just maybe we will finally learn the true identity/secret of River Song!

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