Neue Haas Grotesk.

Below is the trailer for Gary Hustwit’s documentary, Helvetica, which I watched the other day…

…and it was absolutely fascinating. Not necessarily revelatory, but certainly very interesting. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re even mildly interested in typefaces and design and the history of such things, but without going into details, I can give you the gist of it here: The font was created 54 years ago by a couple of guys in Switzerland (and originally entitled “Neue Hass Grotesk”) to signify and be the font of a new modern age and you know what? We’re still in that age. As the trailer suggests, just look around the world you live in today and see how much information is delivered to you in Helvetica.You may not love the look of this current aeon, but this is what we have and where we live and what we look like until you design something new.

Also, the soundtrack is pretty excellent. And I’m not a font nazi by any means, so I don’t hate Arial. In fact, I like it quite a bit, though Helvetica is still superior. It’s got that crazy cool street cred.

And a bonus video: Here’s the teaser trailer from the upcoming Cloverfield 2: The Suburbs

Actually, no, this is video, from here, is just another example of why it is both a terrible idea and a FUCKING AWESOME idea to do fireworks in neighborhood, preferably your own.

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