For your viewing pleasure, a collection of “hyperspace” scenes from various movies:

from here.

From the video poster’s page:

The hyperspace is an enduring concept in science fiction, as it provides a kind of panacea for all conflict. The slip into hyperspace/warp speed as a plot device is ordinarily used either as a) An accidental tunnel to the unknown, or B) An escape from danger via total oblivion.

I originally found this video here, via the always cool Topher Chris.

Also pretty cool, though not as cool as Topher Chris, is this video I found on youtube featuring a colossal zoom out from the Earth and our solar system into the larger universe around us and eventually into hyperspace and multiversal fractals of all existence and beyond:

All things should have a “and beyond” tacked onto them, don’t you think? That’s fast tracking your shit to next level epicness.  Anyway, tomorrow (or relatively soon) there’s something I want to do here, something semi special, and something that I’ve been thinking about for a little while now. That’s what’s next, whenever “next time” is. See you then, space cowboys and cowgirls.


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