Late night weird.

Two things, two videos:

1. From his show last night (I believe) this is Jimmy Fallon playing Neil Young performing Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” with special accompaniment by Bruce Springsteen (as played by Bruce Springsteen):

It’s always amazed and fascinated me how Jimmy Fallon isn’t very interesting or funny as, well, himself. In fact, he seems kind of robotic. But he’s always been very shrewd in his impressions and imitations, especially back in his SNL days.

2. Maria was telling me the other day that she’s been watching a lot of Craig Ferguson’s show lately and that she finds him amazing and so wonderfully weird. I agreed with her based on the few times I’d seen his show, even though those times had been so long ago. Then today I caught the interview with Matt Smith from Doctor Who

I just love how bizarre it is. Ferguson is the closest there is on late night TV to having that kind of special, manic energy that Conan O’Brien has, but I love that it feels less practiced, more out of control, more improvised. Like you’re literally spending an hour in the wee small hours of the morning with a surly, most likely drunken Scottish man (that’s Ferguson’s own tattoo up top there, a reference to Benjie Franklin, yo) and he’s holding some celebrities hostage inside your TV. There’s truly this feeling that anything can happen, that it could be really great or really terrible but either way, it’ll be fun.


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