Experience points.

Benjie Light mentioned this to me the other day and so I had to find it… I’m not much of a gamer (at least not of more modern games, sadly), but I guess towards the end of the new Call Of Duty game (“Black Ops”), you can unlock a very special mini game that has this as an intro…

JFK, Nixon, Castro, and Robert McNamara (voiced by Robert Picardo) taking on a swarm of zombies? Brilliant.

That’s a movie that’s just dying to happen. Especially in today’s zombie-loving mash up craving nerdy society. But it’d be the kind of thing that you’d have to strike on quickly because as weird as people’s slightly more mainstream interest in zombies is of late, it’s still a passing fancy, much like vampires were to teenagers most recently (and one has to presume that bubble is finally starting to pop).

from here.

And if you’re going to do something with zombies, you might as well have some fucking fun and not take that shit too seriously because… well, how could you? That said, here’s what you missed from this past week of cable TV’s hot new show, The Walking Dead:

from here.

But still, in an age of Pride And Prejudice And Zombies and Robocalypse and Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, we like combining our nerdy interests for a bigger and more vibrantly ridiculous bite, even if it’s something that won’t necessarily have a long lasting (after) life.


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