Do or do not. There is no “try.”

I’m bored and today feels like a Friday to me. Not in a way good though. In a complicated, strange, sad kind of way. Does that make sense? Probably not. Don’t think about it too much. Look at this:

from here.


3 responses to “Do or do not. There is no “try.”

  1. i have got to tell you one thing. two, really, but mostly one: 1. that baby has the biggest head i’ve ever seen. really, ever. 2. wordpress was acting really weird like my password was not my password when wordpress and i both know, that’s my fucking password. i went through this long ordeal, i swear, it must have taken almost two minutes (2mins!!!!)…had my password reset and all, just so i could log in and leave this comment to you about this baby (mentioned above after “1.”) having the biggest head i’ve ever seen. you don’t just let that big headed baby slide after all, right?

    • 3. I keep hearing people say “it is what it is” lately. That’s motherfucking bullshit.

      2. Don’t get me started on wordpress’ “antics.” Those motherfuckers have got themselves a lot of nerve, you know what I’m saying?

      4. I wonder what people who are experiencing English as a second language, or just as a bizarre self reflexive sentient entity that’s foreign to their native tongue, but what do they make of the “internet word” that is “amirite.”

      1. That baby’s head is motherfucking ginormous. The friends and the family, I just wonder, but what exactly is the polite amount of time that you have to endure before you start questioning potential birth defects with the happy parents. And how do you put that into words? “Jim… Susan… just look at the size of your kid’s cranium. That’s bullshit.” Or, yeah, the mother herself… It’s always so tragic when a mother’s vagina has to think “This is bullshit.”

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