Go write your novel, part two.

So NaNoWriMo is now over… Did you finish your novel? No? Ah, well, there’s always next year, right? In the meantime, watch this absolutely brilliant video…

…which I found here. Enjoy!


The graveyard blog.

By the always genius Tom Gauld. See also here.

Feed the tree.

For no real reason, from a recent interview about his upcoming movie Blue Valentine (which may or may not be stuck with it’s NC-17 rating), here’s Ryan Gosling’s thoughts and feelings on Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree

That book is so fucked up; that story’s the worst. I mean, at the end the tree is a stump and the old guy just sitting on him; he’s just used him to death, and you’re supposed to want to be the tree? Fuck you. You be the tree. I don’t want to be the tree.

Hear that? Fuck you. You be the tree. There’s something zen in those words.

Is religion a force for good in the world?

“Is religion a force for good in the world?” That was the question asked in a debate between former UK prime minister Tony Blair, a recently converted Catholic, and author/journalist/polemicist/anti-theist Christopher Hitchens (who was recently diagnosed with esophageal cancer). The meeting of the two men was part of the ongoing Munk debates sponsored by the Aurora Foundation and the motion put forth was simply “Be it resolved, religion is a force for good in the world,” with Blair taking up the pro side and Hitchens naturally taking on the con argument.

The can find the first part up there but here is: Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, and Part 8.

Found here and here.

I think it’s important to mention that Hitchens won, by the way. It’s nice that reason and intellect and win, even if it’s just once.

The Goddamn Batman.

from here.

From the internet:

RIP Leslie Nielsen.

RIP Irvin Kershner.

Your 2010 holiday gift shopping sorted.

Here’s something you clearly (don’t) need: pocket chainsaw.

The top 5 most shocking things about WikiLeaks.

Vladimir Putin is Batman and Dmitry Medvedev is Robin.”

Celebrities quitting twitter for charity.

from here.

This Spider-Man musical sounds like just the kind of crazy train wreck that you want it to be.

Here’s what Christopher Nolan thinks of your Inception fan theories.

Natalie Portman, Halle Berry, and Tom Hanks to star in the Wachowskis’ version of David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas?

Actor decapitates own mother in Masonic attack inspired by The Matrix.

The bad sex in fiction awards!

Fox Nation reprints anti-Obama article from The Onion, doesn’t mention (or possibly realize) that it’s a joke.

Music by David Lynch.

Previously on Counterforce.

An interview with Jorge Luis Borges.

from here.

This is just weird: Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal.

From 1993: The future of the internet!

David Foster, from 1998: “I’m not a journalist and I don’t pretend to be one.”

from here.

Klaxons “Twin Flames.”

The little white lies of online dating revealed.

Is this the year that we make contact? Maybe.

Doctor Doom vs. Doctor Who.

Are we about to be inundated with a wave of movie versions of the works of Haruki Murakami?

Batman and Robin investigate “The Carbon Copy Crimes.”

from here.

D. J. Caruso on why he quit the Y The Last Man movie. Wants to make it a TV show instead, huh? Someone owes me a check. You fuckers.

Suck on this: Animated Southland Tales prequel.

How does Commissioner Gordon really feel about Batman?

Do women avoid talking to their fathers because of evolution?

Edgar Allan Bro.

Hercule Poirot kitties. LOL.

from here.

Shocking link between people who like Batman and people who like pornography.

How to survive a mass extinction.

A Spanish woman claims that she owns the Sun and you can bet your ass she wants you to pay her for its usage.

from here.

The blank page.

By Grant Snider, from here.

Who wants a Rusty Venture?

The debate continues…

…from Sunday’s season finale of The Venture Bros., “Operation P.R.O.M.,” as discussed here.