Tomorrow never knows.

Apparently there was some nonsense on the internet yesterday suggesting that one of the dates that Doc Brown input into his Delorean time machine in Back To The Future was yesterday’s date: July 05, 2010. Sadly, this is not the case, and it was just a cleverly photoshopped image.

The actual date, though, is October 21, 2015:

from here.

Still love you though, Back To The Future. In other news: The original “Judgment Day” in the Terminator movies, August 29, 1997, came and went a long, long time ago before getting repeatedly pushed back as the various aspects of that franchise crawled along.

It’s just a weird feeling though, living in the future the movies of our youth talked about. The future is here, it’s right now, and it’s not exactly what it used to be. What are the other big future dates talked about in other fantastical pop culture? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still have faith in the year we make contact, but I also have questions. And concerns. The future isn’t something I think you necessarily sail into it (or fly your jetpack into), but walk into. It’s a concrete thing, with ground beneath you, and you walk on that ground as you march into tomorrow. On roads. Roads? Where we’re going, we won’t need any fucking roads! Sorry, sorry.

But seriously, the thing about the future isn’t so much concrete totems of amazing that I want to see looming and growing over the horizon (though, yes, I do want to see tower of human achievements built on the plateau of human brilliance)(and robots!), but I think with each step into tomorrow, we need to update and upgrade our imaginations. Our hopes and our expectations and our fantasies about what is to come need to get bigger and wilder and more daring.

We need our dreams, and our dreamers, and we need that hope that when we wake up from them, we’ll be standing in the bright new rays of an amazing and formerly impossible tomorrow, right?


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