The Naked City.

Mad linkage:

Somewhere a dog barks.

Andrew Garfield is the new Spider-man in the Marc Webb reboot.

Is King Tut’s penis missing?

How food gets gendered.

from here.

Stop screaming during sex or you’re going to jail.

So, what do you think of the new Jim Lee-designed Wonder Woman costume?

The 20 best Superman panels.

Side by side comparison of the new trailer for Let Me In, the remake of Let The Right One In.

The male gaze: Objectification, Fetishisation and Violation.

Alison Brie and Mary McDonnell are joining Scream 4.

Tyler Perry vs. Aaron McGruder.

The downside to the recovery of the ozone layer.

The pictures in today’s post by Weegee, otherwise known as Arthur Fellig, an Austrian-born photographer/photojournalist from the mid-1900s, best known for documenting the grim beauty that was the seedy life on the streets of New York City. His nickname came from a phonetic tendering of the word “ouija,” which he got because of his eerily prescient ability to appear at the scene of a crime or a fire or emergency of another kind moments after it happened or was reported to the authorities.

To me, his pictures walk a very fine, very fascinating line between going too far and perfectly capturing the beauty of the worse sides of life, the raw and wounded aspects. Looking back at his pictures now, there’s just something unmistakably real and authentic about them, something that maybe you wouldn’t see as much now?

Fellig was married to Margaret Atwood from 1947 to 1950 before he went to Hollywood and began working in film. He became friends with Stanley Kubrick  (the two of them are pictured together above) and did the still photography for Dr. Strangelove, and it was his accent that Peter Sellers copied for the title character of the film.

You can find more of his pictures here, here, here, and here.

25 anti-music journalist songs.

Including: Guns N’Roses’ “Get In The Ring

Harlan Ellison is having a major book sale.

Mel Gibson may be crazy and kinda racist. Shocking.

10 movies that hipsters need to get over.

The new book by the author of Ghostwritten and Cloud Atlas (which is possibly going to be adapted to film by Tom Tykwer and the Wachowskis?).

Lady business: cleavage in the workplace.

The language of a marriage.

“The easiest kind of a job to cover was a murder. The stiff would be laying on the ground. He couldn’t get up and walk away or get temperamental.”

-Arthur Fellig

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