Maybe this is not for you. Maybe it’s just not the time for this kind of thing?

This is a path through the trees:

from here.

This is a picture that is equally cool and creepy:

from here.

This is just weirdest, most craziest hate sex I’ve seen in a love time:

…from the latest episode of True Blood.

This is a warning:

This is a picture I took of the sky this afternoon:

This is a picture from a movie:

This is 10+ of the most recent posts that have been clicked on and viewed/read at your friendly neighborhood Counterforce:

The MPDG vs. The Amazing Girl. John Singer Sargent and Madame X. Also, hand jobs. People we hate and admire, kind of: Harry Knowles and R. Kelly. All admiration: Tess Lynch and Tracy Clark-Flory. I totally forget about Bloomsday and it’s already come and gone this year, hasn’t it?  Sex isn’t that hard to figure out, right? Unless it’s sex with robots, probably. Maybe it always is. All I know is that love don’t cost a thing!

This is a crazy internet meme sent to the moon and back:

This is some of the “magic” in the Magic Kingdom:

This is what magic looks like in the real world:

from here.

“Working hard” or “hardly working?” This is both done right:

And last, but not least, this is good advice on the side of a building:


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