“I think visual literacy and media literacy is not without value, but I think plain old-fashioned text literacy and mathematical literacy are much more powerful and flexible ways to organize your mind.”

from here.

-Neal Stephenson, from an interview with the Associated Press, in which he coined the term “text literacy.”

Also, Neal Stephenson coined the term “anglosphere” as well.

Turns out that David Cronenberg is going to direct one of my favorite books…

…the lovely and underrated As She Climbed Across The Table by Jonathan Lethem. The thing about Cronenberg’s movies is that they all kind of fit together, they all kind of hit those little bits of Cronenbergian weirdness that you expect from him. They’re like pieces to a puzzle that only fully reveals the shape of one’s interests and desires and fears when placed together.

The last two films he did, A History Of Violence and Eastern Promises, confound that mindset briefly, but once you really think about it, you can see exactly where the concepts behind them fired up all the right neurons for him. As She Climbed Across The Table is similar, though you wouldn’t think so at first. It’s the story of a man who’s girlfriend leaves him for a singularity, and then… well, it’s about exactly that, and yet, so much more than that, of course.

When I first read that he was going to adapt it, I thought, “Huh?” But the more I think about it, the more I think it could work as a part of his filmography. The only thing is… the book is really, really funny (well, in a way). I’ll be fascinated to see what the director does with this very dry, almost fatalistic sense of humor between the words.

From the internet:

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So, yeah, clearly, other than talking about a few authors and movies based on their books, and words, and funny pictures, and LOLcats, I’ve got nothing else to say. Check back tomorrow. Maybe then. Maybe. In the meanwhile, if you need me, I’ll be examining the shape of my own head in the mirror.

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