Keep calm and carry on.

Pictures of adorable animals being just fucking adorable is one thing…

…but one of my strange, weird weaknesses when it comes to the goddamned internet is to always look at pictures that somebody has written on. For example:

Well, isn’t that nice? Or:

I mean, that’s a bit stupid, but still, kind of heavy and inspirational. And, yeah, a bit stupid. But perhaps less stupid than this one:

I mean, yeah, sure, in a wouldn’t it be nice kind of world, I’m sure that love is indeed everywhere. Especially if you want to find that love in a field full of horses grazing – a pasture, I believe they’d call it – or, if you want to, and let’s just be honest with ourselves here, fuck a horse. Or, well, realistically, if you’re fast enough to catch and then fuck that horse. Maybe it’s like this:

I guess I like juxtaposition art, something that comes with many meanings. I like when expectations are played with, but cleverly. I keep one foot in the arena of respect for remix and mash up art cultures, but I draw the line somewhere. The above image is a little too Post Secret-ish though, right?

Yes, there must. What’s the point of all of this madness if we can’t believe the above. Right?

I know, it’s dumb, but there’s a small part of all of us that’s just a little dumb. Inside of me, there’s a lot of those tiny little parts (which you probably know by now if you’ve ever clicked on this blog at any point ever at all), and those little parts are equally interested in pictures of the cute adorableness of tiny animals, all fluffy and precious, usually puppies or kittens, just frolicing around and being “awwwww”tastic and also the world of kinda trite inspirational quotes written in clouds and stars, the kind of maxims or truisms that are only really helpful in a (again) wouldn’t it be nice kind of world.

A part of me likes the pictures of the world with words on top of them, even though I’ve never found one that I could love, partly because I can jokingly tell myself that it’s us editorializing the world around us. As if you saw something beautiful and rather than going home to your journal or your internet browswer and writing something that sounded eloquent in your mind about it, or rather than going and painting or drawing or composing some musical thing that’s inspired about it, what if you could just pull out a sharpie and write on the world there, to stamp it with your thoughts from that one time and one place. Wouldn’t that be something?

Maybe. Maybe not.

I don’t know. Just some rambling thoughts. Talking out loud, only with my fingers and the internet.

Some of these thoughts, like some of these images, I will admit, are just total and utter bullshit.

Some, perhaps, are not so bad. They’d look good hanging on the wall in your office, in your cubicle, above your toilet, etc. Wherever you tend to find yourself the most inspired, or the most in need of inspiration, I guess.

Just thinking about the world around me and you and what we would say if we could say something about it and leave it there forever for everyone to see…

What words would you leave on a picture?


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