Konvict blogging.

Some of the best posts that Maria and I have ever done have honestly just come out of long nights conversing on gmail, working on the various things we work on, and trying to fight off the late night boredom and punchiness that invariably works it’s way in. We’ve come up with some pretty twisted notions in those late night conversations, but some of them I could not be more fond of.

I was going to post one such bit of late night brilliance we had conjured together, but being awesome as she frequently is, Maria totally beat me to it, so you should click here to read our “Tribute to Akon,” one of the hardest working men in this business we call show. And love. And life. And the making of paper and winding and grinding.

It’s somewhat similar, if you will, to that game of catch a falling star that we have done before when talking about celebrities. In fact, if I’m lucky, some day I’ll finally be able to talk Maria into starting a blog with me of nothing but chronicling the erotically mundane and perversely fascinating real life adventures of celebrities as we see them. Maybe some day. Until then… click.


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