Mad linkage:

I am sitting in a video room.

Tina Fey wins comedy prize, thanks Betty White.

Crossbow cannibal” remanded over prostitute murders.

Something massively important: A timeline of the hair styles of one Mr. Nicolas Cage.

You’ve seen our round up of reviews of Sex In The City 2, but there’s so many more, including one that posits that it could very well be a work of science fiction.

First human “infected with computer virus.”

The oil spill becomes an internet sensation.

Highly creative people and schizophrenics have quite a bit in common.

Neal Stephenson, computers, sword fighting, and The Mongoliad.

RIP Dennis Hopper, fascinating actor, lover of art, and all around strange bastard.

The Ouroboros, an ancient symbol, usually a depiction of a dragon or a serpent (sometimes two) swallowing it’s own tale and thus forming a circle. It usually symbolizes self-reflexivity or the concept of an eternal return. In alchemy, it’s a purifying sigil, something Carl Jung saw as representing the basic mandala of alchemy. Sometimes it’s associated with gnosticism or hermeticism. Perhaps it represents a pre-ego “dawn state,” as Jung suggested or maybe it depicts mankind’s circular nature, our self-defeating, always repeating cycles, or perhaps it’s more similar in nature to the mythological phoenix, reminding us that some things can begin anew even as they’re coming to an end…

A list of cycles.

Jörmungandr, the world snake, and enemy of Thor.

Sigurd Snake-in-the-eye.


The armadillo lizard.


from here.

Poincaré reccurence theorem.

AURYN from The Neverending Story.

The mandala, “the representation of the unconscious self.”

The Möbius Strip and Klein bottle.


Self-reference and strange loops.

Drawing Hands by M.C. Escher.

The books of Douglas Hofstadter.

Ensō art and the Lucent logo.

-All You Zombies-” by Robert Heinlein.

By His Bootstraps” also by Heinlein.

Rant by Chuck Palahniuk.

The Man Who Folded Himself by David Gerrold.

The ouroboros was also one of the main symbols used in the Chris Carter show, Millennium, which started Lance Henriksen and Terry O’Quinn, who was amazing in it. I’ve been in a mood lately to watch this show again and I’d recommend (parts of) it to you as well. There’s some perfect moments in season 1 (though not the whole of it), and season 2 was absolutely brilliant.

The first and last sentences of both James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake and Samuel R. Delany’s Dhalgren.

How cool would it have been if Charles Widmore had been his own grandfather?

Paradoxes of both the predestination and ontological nature.

Don’t forget that Philip J. Fry is his own grandfather!


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