The end of the beginning.

Speaking of endings…

Two amazing things happened to me today. The first: I got to watch a couple break up. How often does that happen in public anymore? But today it did and I got to witness it. It was like watching a car crash happen in extremely slow motion and it was fascinating and it makes you feel weird to witness it. I’ll give you this one and only tidbit from it: As I walked past this couple (to throw something away, I swear, and not purposely listen in), the girl was saying to the guy, “See? And now you’re crying. And now you’re crying. At least… At least the fact that you’re crying tells me that this meant something to you and you’ll never forget it.”

And I thought, “Wow.” I’ve always loved people watching or, quite frankly, eavesdropping. Perhaps it comes with the package of calling one self a “writer.” You’re constantly studying the world, like a scientist, looking for fault lines and vulnerabilities and things that are strong and terribly interesting, like a thief. Whenever I’m with someone, a friend, a loved one, an acquaintance, I try to give them all my attention, even when they don’t realize it, even when I don’t want them to know they have it. But whenever I’m out there in the world by myself, all alone, I’m just lost. Usually in my own head or in my surroundings. It’s like the noise dies down and I can watch the interesting things that are all over the world as they just happen. Or not happen.

Perhaps that’s answer to the eternal question: Which super power would you rather have, flying or invisibility? Typically I, as one always should, will say: “Both!” But maybe today was a day in which I may lean towards invisibility. Anyway…

The second thing I witnessed: A man tutoring a boy, probably aged somewhere in the vicinity of going to junior high-ish, about math, of all things. A dreadful, disgusting subject if ever there was one. At some point, they finished some unit in the boy’s math book and the boy said very excitedly, “That’s it, right? We’re finished!” The guy tutoring him chuckled and replied, “Finished? No, ha ha, that’s not the end. That’s not even the beginning of the end, I’m afraid. We are maybe – maybe – at the end of the beginning though.”

The boy just kind of sighed. And I smiled, knowing that the guy was paraphrasing Churchill.

It was silly, yeah, but I also found it funny.

That said, I’m going to take a little break. Just until next month, I think. There may be more Counterforce transmissions between now and then…

…or I may be back tomorrow,  or perhaps neither, I don’t know, but right now I’m planning on chilling out through the rest of May. And next time I see you, we’ll speak only of beginnings…


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