Shits and giggles.

Portrait of the artist as looking like a completely ridiculous Marvel comics super hero character. Completely, completely, completely ridiculous. But just look at it this way: When all the grown men and women in the pajamas and fetish gear are running around beating each other up for arousal and erections and because they quite like property damage on a massive urban scale, just think how embarrassing it would be to get your ass handed to you by someone who looks like… that.

Anyway, I noticed this because Anais did it and you can make your own silly Marvel-esque character here.

(Edited to add: and so I will! -Light)

Anyway, it’s Sunday. What are you up to? Benjie and I are about to do a thing, which you may/may not see here in future pages of ze ol’ Counterforce. Until then, I’ll leave you with this chuckle-worthy bit of something…


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