Don’t go chasing waterfalls…

…stick to the rivers and the streams that you’re used to, mmkay?

More later about last night’s incredibly interesting episode of Lost, “Across The Sea,” including theories about the nature of the Smoke Monster/Man In Black that we’ve seen thus far, but before we go there, what really matters is… What did you think?


2 responses to “Don’t go chasing waterfalls…

  1. I think there’s no more immortality-giving wine for Jack to drink. Also, I don’t think the Smoke Monster just claimed the man in black’s body, I think he IS the man in black, just in a different form.

    Also, as neat an episode as it was, I missed our main characters. MOAR JACKFACE!!!

  2. Since Jacob’s touched people before and they haven’t ended up living forever (that we know of), despite what Richard Alpert says, you think it’s the wine (like Richard Alpert drank, and the Man In Black, and Jacob himself) that gave them their longevity?

    And yeah, I think it’s pretty obvious that “The Man In Black,” whom we maybe never know the actual name of, died long ago with his adopted mother. The Smoke Monster clearly just absorbed his memories/personality, much like it did Locke’s. So when the Smoke Monster says things like “I remember being a man…” that’s true. He remembers it, but he himself/itself was never an actual man.

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