This calls for a montage, #42: Dating sucks.

Dating is hard and love… well, it sucks. It’s hard to meet people, or, at least someone who really gets you. Most people are either of your league, or they’re boring as shit. Or they have questionable taste in things. And if you’re dating someone now and you think you’re happy, then you’re probably wrong, and you’ll be single again within a year. Same thing for marriages. Sorry, folks. That’s just straight up statistics talking. Buutttt, here in 2010, “The Year We Make Contact,” it’s easier to date than it was in previous decades, right? For example…

…A montage of dating videos from the 1980s. High-larious stuff, that. The sad part? Dating and the people who want to date you haven’t really changed all that much, have they? Everyone still wants to have “fun.” And I know what you’re thinking about that video, you’re thinking: “My god, look at that fashion!” But you’re only half right. Look at those fucking haircuts. Seriously. But then again, look at the hipsters in the dating pool now. It’s all relative, I guess.


One response to “This calls for a montage, #42: Dating sucks.

  1. Well, this guy found your original post insightful and funny, Nikki. I didn’t think there was anything that was offensive or hurtful…but I guess this old man just doesn’t get these GenXYZPDQ ‘men’.

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