Tyger, tyger, burning bright!

More moms cheat after Mother’s Day.

Kristen Stewart and On The Road. Seriously.

Stephen Hawking says that time travel will happen and here’s how.

Conan O’Brien interviewed at Google.

Michael Jackson used to prank call Russell Crowe.

Holland seeking cannabis ban for tourists.

Porn on the Senate floor.

That Casey Affleck/Joaquin Phoenix doco/mockumentary is out there.

Personally, I really liked Newsweek’s redesign, but apparently it’s only brought them closer to their own destruction.

Vintage Swedish book covers.

William Blake’s obsession with sex.

Brad Bird to direct the next Mission: Impossible movie.

The text message to end all text messages. And the lives it ruined too.

Rick Moody’s interactive playlist.

The fearful symmetry of William Blake and Alan Moore.

5 insane file sharing panics from before the internet.

Women blame blackberrys and iphones for poor sex life.

Book covers pictured from here.

The Devil and Sherlock Holmes.

How women’s lives and our culture has changed in the past 50 years thanks to The Pill.


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