“Would you be an outlaw for my love?”

It’s a lazy Sunday, so just for today, a song…

It’s a bit old, I know, having been released as a B-side to “Push It,” but that’s Garbage covering Big Star’s “Thirteen.” First, it’s good to hear anything from Shirley Manson at just about anytime. Secondly, it’s nice to hear a song written by Alex Chilton again. Thirdly! Well, it’s probably fitting since I was talking about another hot Scottish redhead yesterday, and… Fourthly, What I like about this cover is that contrary to the other hundred million cover versions of it, this one doesn’t try to emulate the original exactly. It’s not on acoustic guitar and it feels very much like the slightly spacey, techno dance rock that, powerfully seductive music that Garbage was doing in their career. And what was a simple, lovely little song about young love stays true to it’s core but becomes something slightly more sexy, maybe even a little dirty with Shirley Manson and it’s perfect.


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