Sea Dogs…

…was, up until the 16th century, the original name that mariners had for sharks:

As of right now, mariners and seamen (and women) don’t have a cooler nickname for pictures of hot girls with animal heads:

But you just know they’re working on it.

The other day, bored at work, Conrad and I noticed one of those stupid internet games and, just for shits and giggles, played along. This one: Go to google and put in your name followed by the word “needs,” as in “Conrad needs” and list the first five hits.

Five things that Conrad needs: Help, help, a friend, a kidney, and to die.

I’m still laughing at that.

Five things that Marco needs: A sleeping bag, help (always), a release (always), “to learn,” and a beer. Thanks, internet!

Obama let Kim and North Korea save face. But, also, Bill Clinton is still The Man.

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from here.

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Fireman and his wife accidentally burn down house during hot, hot sex.

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Bubbles The Chimp to pen a tell all memoir about Michael Jackson. Shoot me now, people.