Discovering the object of the game IS the object of the game.

Speaking of games, last night when I got home, The Game was on.

So I plopped down on the couch and watched about a half an hour of the excellent 1997 David Fincher movie starring Michael Douglas, Sean Penn, and Deborah Kara Unger (who probably played every mysterious and slightly off blonde in 90s cinema).

What an excellent movie, and very underrated as a nice little thriller.

I have it on DVD somewhere and hope to watch it properly again soon.

There’s a great joke in there about Ethel Kennedy too.

Random film fun facts: It was originally to star Jodie Foster (as the Sean Penn character), who was dropped by the studio. She then sued the pants off them. But it made it especially nice that she was then able to do The Panic Room (after Nicole Kidman dropped out due to injury) with Fincher. Spike Jonze cameos at the end as an EMT. And the script had a polish done by Andrew Kevin Walker, who probably does some script doctor work on every film Fincher does.

In other, unrelated viewing news, looking for the pilot of Virtuality on Hulu this morning, I instead found the much talked about pilot to The Philanthropist, the new show from Tom Fontana, starring James Purefoy (best known not just as Marc Anthony in Rome, but the guy who who did a full frontal nude scene and had them digitally enhance his penis, and was also the guy fired as V from V From Vendetta), Jesse L. Martin (I mention that just for you, Benjie Light), Neve Campbell (apparently back from exploring the Where Are They Now? voidspace), Lindy Booth (that’s for both of us, Light), and Omar from The Wire.

I dig the premise: Essentially a jackass of a rich man, think Tony Stark-lite, going around the world trying to soothe his demons and solve the world’s problems with money. Brilliant! Unfortunately, the show is incredibly mediocre and Purefoy is the television equivalent of watching paint dry in an empty room in a brothel.

This show belongs on USA or TNT or wherever dreck like Burn Notice dazzles the mediocre and undiscerning.

And man, they write Omar’s character as possibly the worst bodyguard in history. Plus, when Purefoy gets lost in Africa and surrounded by some bad dudes, who great would it have been to have heard, “Hey Africa… OMAR COMIN!'”

Omar fun fact: Michael K. Williams actually got his start dancing in Janet Jackson videos. That’s just awesome.

Lindy Booth was gorgeous as always though.

Okay, back to whatever you were doing. Happy Saturday night.

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